Xmas year end Function

My-my, how does the time flies. 2016 is on its flat on it’s back and 2017 wink at the door step.

The Vilanke “family’s” get-together and year rend function to say goodbye to a successful 2016, was a big success and everybody enjoyed it. Look at the photos and decide for yourself.

Tiny Tots

Fun class for the little ones

The exercises that have been practice all year are shown to the loyal supporters.

Pole Play

Poles on the ground

The riders show off their jumping skills whilst doing a course (with a little added help)

Fun @ 40

Little jumps 40cm

The show-offs jumps their heart out!

Serious Talk

Walk & trot

During this class the beauty of Dressage is performed by all our lovely riders.

Fancy Fancy!

Fancy Dress

Our riders with big imaginations!