Meet the Horses


Lenie is our big Friesian Cross mare that really loves to work with clients big and small. She is especially wonderful with disabled riders. She always takes good care of her rider in the arena and tries her best to accommodate her rider.


Young wormblood that is staring his training to become a top Class jumper. He is a very lovely horse that loves carrots and any attention that comes his way.


An amazing little Frisian gelding that’s great with kids. He is still very young so we still go easy on him only letting him out to play with the younger riders.


The “grandma” of the Centre. She has the most experience and always willing to patiently introduce any novice rider to the art of horse riding.


The best little pony in the world. He jumps like a pro but most of his work is with the small kids. He lets them do all sorts of funny exercises and teaches them very quickly. Papino has been with us for a long time so he knows exactly what to do, …specially mischief.

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