Riding School

Vilanke Riding School will get you going in your chosen discipline and help you compete at the highest levels. We pride ourselves on personal attention and offer the following disciplines and services:


One of the Highest Forms of Horse Training

Known as horse ballet, it is the basis for all equestrian disciplines.

Show Jumping

An Adrenalin Rush and not for the Faint Hearted

Perhaps the best known equestrian discipline due to its spectator appeal.


The Ultimate Challenge for Horse and Rider

A timed discipline  for understanding the horse’s and your own ability and limits.

Special Needs

Therapy like no Other

Vilanke has much success with horses and kids & adults with special needs.

Casual Riding

Riding for the Sake of Riding

For those that don’t want to compete and just want to master the art of riding.

Riding Lessons

Inhouse 1x a week for 30 min.

R800 p/p per month
  • Personal Attention
  • Small groups
  • Monitoring individual Progress
  • Rider's gear & attire

Away Lessons

Lessons at your premises

R200 p/lesson per hour
  • Familiar Environment
  • Less Stress for the horse
  • Max. 3 people in lesson group
  • Inhouse advice for horse care
  • Travelling time & costs

Stabling Fees

Personal attention

R3,050 per month
  • Cleaning of stables daily
  • Monitor horse's condition
  • Work out & follow a diet plan
  • Hoofs & teeth
  • Veterinarian Services

For information on additional riding options and services, feel free to contact Anke Viljoen.

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